Wedcon – the story! Interview with Katy and Roxy

Show notes:

In today’s episode I’m chatting with Katy and Roxy, the founders of Wedcon – a UK based wedding industry conference taking place this November in Birmingham! In today’s episode they share their own journeys and talk about their vision and heart for this industry event.

Having spoken at the first Wedcon, I am thrilled to be back on stage again this year talking all things blogging! Want to be there? Make sure you grab a ticket using my special link below?

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Roxy: [00:00:00] People loved it. People were, you know, leaving their feeling armed and told ready to go and smash their business motivated. Just, just amazing feedback. And we’ve got so many people that came to 2019 event, coming to the 2022 event.

Becca: I’m Becca Pountney, wedding business marketing expert, speaker and blogger, and you are listening to The Wedding Pros who Are Ready To Grow podcast.

I’m here to share with you actionable tips, strategies, and real life examples to help you take your wedding business to the next level. If you are an ambitious wedding business owner that wants to take your passion and use it to build a profitable, sustainable business doing what you love, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s get going with today’s episode. Today I’m joined by Katie and Roxy from the Wedding Business Hub, having built their own bridal boutique from the ground up 12 years ago. They now run a wedding industry community, and Wedcon an annual wedding conference for wedding professionals, which I’m delighted to be speaking at again this year.

They’re best friends who work together and who both love weddings. [00:01:00] Katie and Roxy, welcome to the podcast.

Katie: Hi, we’re so excited to be here. Thanks for having.

Becca: Thanks for having us. I am very excited to have you here, especially because we’ve had so many technical meltdowns trying to get all of us in the same place at the same time.

So I’m thrilled that we’ve managed to get us all together. Now, I gave you a bit of an intro there, but it would be great to know a little bit more about each of you. So why don’t you start each of you by telling me how did you end up in the wedding industry in the.

Katie: Sure. So I started in the wedding industry Yeah, about 12 years ago.

And kind of kinda, probably like a lot of your listeners actually, uh, I’m one of those people that was getting married myself and I saw a gap in the market. So I started, um, a little bit of background about me. I’d left my job, had a baby at home, my husband was husband to be, was working. And, um, when we got engaged and we were planning our wedding, um, The price of kind of things was like all setting up and getting a little bit much and with only one income coming into the, [00:02:00] into the family to kind of plan our wedding.

And I was kind of looking for a wedding dress and I was like, Wow, these are a lot. Uh, I I’m way out of my budget at the time. So at the time, sort of 12, 15 years ago, there’s lots more options now, but you had kind of two options. One of the, one of it was like, you hoped for the best and ordered from eBay and you just, fingers crossed it turned up what it looked like from from China.

Or you bought second hand and then you had the problems of kind of alterations, if it didn’t fit, if it was dry cleaned, et cetera. So I kind of thought, Oh God, there’s gotta be better way to do this. Now I’m ended up managing to source my own dress for a few hundred pounds, brand new, and it was like a next sample gown.

And I thought, right, there’s gotta be a market for this. So I actually was a teacher, pre setting up a business and kind of getting back into teaching wasn’t, um, wasn’t viable with a baby at home and my husband worked long hours as well. So I was looking for something to do to use my brain, thought [00:03:00] about starting a business i’d, I’d got some experience.

In the past running businesses for other people. So I, so I was thinking about it and then I just thought, Right, there’s gotta be a market for this. So I tested it out. I started my business running it from my bedroom at home. I used to have brides come in and try on wedding dresses in my bathroom. Then I thought, right, if, um, if I can start from home, Then I need to get a shop.

So that’s what happened. And then Roxy kind of came in because, uh, we were getting busier and I needed some staff. The Roxy kind of came in and within three months she was full time and, and pretty much running the shop. Um, and then we, we grew that business together to be a six figure business from getting, from getting the shop within two years.

So yeah, that was something that we were really incredibly proud of. And then from from that, what happened was we were, were getting quite a lot of traction on social media. Um, that was kind of our strong point. We were kind of in that Facebook age where Facebook [00:04:00] was exploding. We really understood that.

Cause we were of that kind of Facebook gen. Um, and we were getting kind of lots and lots of video, video views on our Facebook lives. We were getting lots and lots of, um, Followers and likes and other wedding professionals were kind of coming into the shop, sitting down asking us how we were doing it a lot, and it was getting to this point where it was a little bit unbalanced and I kept wanting somewhere to be able to go, like once a month, go and meet all of these wedding pros, tell them kind of they could help me out with some of the issues that I was facing.

I’d be able to network with them, tell them about what I was doing in our shop office at the. And they could pick my brain on what they wanted to do, and then I could kind of. Breathe and crack on with my job again. Um, but what was kind of happening there was nowhere like that. So wedding professionals were kind of coming into the shop.

It got nicknamed social club, didn’t it Roxy because we’d always have somebody kind of sat at my desk. Um, and then, and then I would have to [00:05:00] put in those hours at home and it was becoming really, really unbalanced. And it got to the point where we couldn’t kind of balance the two. So I thought, Oh, you know what?

I’m gonna write a book. I’m gonna write a book at home as to how we’ve grown so big, um, on social media and all of the techniques that I’m kind of telling everybody anyway. And then wedding supplies have got a really low cost way of just accessing that information and then I don’t need to sit here and talk for hours and hours on end.

And it was happening at weddings fairs we were getting to as well. So I kind of. That book in the March of 2019 and we’ve set up a little Facebook community as well. Cause I thought, Right, okay, I can hop on alive and let’s just ask wedding pros if kind of coming together online and networking is something they wanna do.

Within the first three weeks we’ve got about 3000 members in the group. We’d taken more in the book sales than we’d done in the bridal shop in a month period. And that was where me and Roxy kind of looked at each other and was like, Right. Okay. Um, Especially with the balance at home as [00:06:00] well. So I, at this point, kind of 10 years on, I was, um, divorced.

Now I’ve got two children at home and I was a single parent to those and the balance of kind of childcare, I was just constantly tired, constantly exhausted, and I had no work life balance at all. I actually made myself really, really, so, It was a case of I knew I couldn’t take on under the business as well as run the bridal star and, um, the wedding business hub it was called the Wedding Industry Supplier Network then was just overtaking and just becoming this big bigger and bigger and bigger thing.

And we had events running and kind of seven places in the UK within sort of two months that we just kind of made the decision didn’t we Roxy. We looked at each other and were like, Yeah, we, we need to kind of do this full time. ,

Becca: incredible story. Very similar actually to my own story, which I love because sometimes a business you don’t set out to start on a business journey.

The business journey kind of takes you and that’s exactly what’s happened to me and exactly what’s happened to you guys as well. So for you Roxy, then obviously Katie said you came into [00:07:00] work in the bridal business. First of all, like why weddings for you?

Roxy: Okay, so my story, it’s a little bit different to yours, isn’t it, Katie?

Actually listening to all of that makes you realize. How much we have achieved in such a small amount of time. I was like, how? I feel a little bit

emotional. Okay. So, um, my

journey started, So I was a young mom. I had two young babies. I was, I was a stay at home mom and I wasn’t, I didn’t feel like I was fulfilling my life.

It’s like I need, I need to find a way, like to not just be a mom, but to be Roxy, to be me. Um, and I saw an advert, um, actually on Facebook, funnily enough, on, um, on social media for, um, a part-time. I think it was only a Saturday girl at the time bridal shop kind of job application went in.

So I applied, um, met Katie.


that changed the rest of my life. Since that moment, literally my life has completely changed. I went from [00:08:00] having two young boys, being a young mom, low confidence, like I didn’t, didn’t feel like I said, like I was fulfilling anything in my life. . Um, so I went on from being, being a Saturday girl to working full time to then managing the.

Having a successful business alongside Katie, I would’ve never have thought that I would be where I am today actually, if, if I look back on my life.

Katie: Um, for me, listening to Roxy there, so she came into the shop with a stammer. She couldn’t speak, she wouldn’t answer the phone. She wouldn’t hold an appointment with people.

I used to have to, I went from running all the appointments and I just gave the phone really, and man reception. And then it got to a level where I, I like business, and I always kind of said, I’m a business person. It was never my intention to just have one shop. So I always used to say to the team, we, we had Roxy and five other girls that at some point I would move on and, and the shop would kind of run without me.

So we were kind of gearing Roxy up to [00:09:00] take on more and more responsibility. And you’ve gone from this person that’s, um, had a stammer and was petrified to answer the phone. She would, she wouldn’t answer the phone and she would kind of put it in my hand as it rang. To, She’s appeared on Netflix, on don’t tell the bride she’s, you know, been on this morning.

There’s radio interviews. There’s so much that we’ve achieved Roxy, We actually, Yeah, yeah. Short space of time. So, yeah. I’m proud of you. Thank you very much. It seems like, until I speak it out loud like this, like it almost gets forgotten about, doesn’t it? Because we just kind of are focusing on

like the here and now and the future when actually look at the, the past and the journey that I’ve been on, I’m proud of myself

Becca: Well, you should both be very proud of yourselves and I love that your heart as well, Katie, to talk with Roxy about how you’ve kind of seen her transform over that, and I know that. Probably translates into what you do now with the wedding pros as well. It definitely does for me because there’s nothing better than seeing someone go on that journey.

[00:10:00] And if people are listening now, and I know there will be people listening who feel unconfident, feel like they can’t achieve anything, look around other people in the industry and think, I’ll never be as good as them. Well just listen to the story that Roxy just shared with you about how she took one little step, one little opportunity and as she said herself, it’s completely transformed her life.

And I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I see a wedding pro that I’ve worked with do really great things, I feel like a proud mom. Do you feel the same? Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

Katie: Absolutely. I love it. And actually we save them to our phone when, so there’s little messages that they send us that I said, Oh girls, we’ve, we’ve hit a sale or we’ve booked 10 weddings and speaking to you, or whatever it is.

You know what, I did my work first wedding fair today. Or even something as simple as I, I contacted a venue. We save them to our phone and we play them back to us. Cause you don’t always have like great days or days where you’re a little bit demotivated or especially the winter months. I. Summer baby. I live for the summer time.

So we save them, don’t we? And then they’re there in a little folder on our phones that just [00:11:00] kind of like, uh, yeah, definitely get that Becca.

Becca: That’s a great tip. And again, if people are listening, I’ve seen suppliers who keep all of their thank you cards and have them somewhere in their office. So when they’re having that down moment, they can glance up and remember all those individuals.

I saw something on Instagram, uh, just last week about how not to let one bad customer ruin. Every good customer you’ve ever had, and I think we are really, it’s really easy for us to do that in the wedding industry. And so that little tip about saving those testimonials is so important. Now, you guys are out there in the wedding industry a bit like I am all of the time.

What are you seeing down on the ground at the moment? What are wedding pros struggling with as they go into the end of this year and into next year?

Katie: I think two things. So firstly, what we’re seeing a, a lot of is a lot of burnt out suppliers. So we had this period of, um, quiet last year, didn’t we? And this period of uncertainty where we didn’t really know what was happening and, and a lot of tough decisions to be made, you know, in terms of your [00:12:00] business, in terms of where you want this to go.

And then all of a sudden, boom, we’re doing three, four weddings a week. We’re on top of that, still trying to market our business for next year. Still got booking inquiries coming in. So we’re seeing a lot of suppliers that, yes, that they’re bringing in more money than they’ve bought in. Um, but they’re burnt out, they’re tired.

They’re, they are, they need a break. So for those of you listening, thinking, Yes, that’s me. You know, pat yourself on the back. It’s been unprecedented times, hasn’t it? For, for everybody. And I don’t think enough kind of onus is put on that like, We don’t have colleagues to kind of support us. And this is what’s so important about what we do in terms of, um, the networking events and the online networking space that we created.

One of our values is about bringing people together because self-employment is so lonely and what we wanted to do is bring people together so that you’ve got a place yes. To pick you up to. I’m having [00:13:00] a struggle with this today, or do you know what? I signed a new contract with, um, a client. I raised my prices.

They’ve booked the top package, whatever it is, but also those handhold moments, whereas if you worked for somebody else, you’d get a boss or a manager or a colleague that would be able to kind of support you in those moments. So, Yeah, Pat yourself on the back. It’s been, it is been so tough. You’re almost at the end of kind of, um, this challenge.

And the second thing that we are kind of seeing is this, um, internal battle in terms of we know that we’ve got another rocky period ahead with cost of living crisis, um, and suppliers thinking about. I want to raise my prices. I need to raise my prices cause my mortgage is going up, the petrol is going up.

You know, everything’s going up at home, but are my, um, clients gonna be able to afford me? So they’re the kind of things that we’re finding, aren’t we Roxy? Kind of just navigating people’s brands, [00:14:00] um, pricing the packages that they offer, maybe the way they should take their payments, and just kind of, um, positioning that a little bit better for clients to be able to, to book.

Um, yeah. What about you, Becca? Let me throw that one back to you, .

Becca: Yeah, so for me, I’m seeing that there’s been this massive boom in the industry. As we were just talking about, everyone had that rollover from Covid, and I think some people have kind of sat back on their laurels and thought, Great, well, I’m really successful now.

And now they’re looking ahead to next year and the year after the diarys looking quieter. And they’re panicking and they’ve realized, actually, I’ve dropped the ball on networking. I’ve dropped the ball on training, I’ve dropped the ball on marketing, I’ve dropped the ball on social media because I’ve been so busy doing all those, those things.

So my message has kind of been, Okay, that’s fine. We’re here where we are now. If that’s how you are feeling, let’s not sit in that feeling, but let’s do something proactive. To change that . Yeah. So if you are feeling quiet for next year, what are you doing proactively to get out there and meet other suppliers [00:15:00] or venues?

What are you doing proactively to invest in yourself and your business training? What are you doing proactively to get someone to manage your social media because you don’t have the time to do it? And I think there’s that kind of, we are in that kind of in between feeling, between feeling really booked and then suddenly panicking for next year.

How about you, Roxy?

Roxy: So the, the things that I was gonna touch on, Katie exactly. Hit the nail on the head. And that’s, we have this like unspoken, like we think the same. We are, we like one person, but, but with two people. But what I think exactly what you said, they’re back at like, sometimes you have to take a look at.

Your business and what’s going on. And if you can’t manage everything, is it a case of you’ve gotta outsource it, get your social media management done, like get, get somebody in to do that. So that frees up time for you to be able to focus on other things. I mean, when we were in the bridal shop, we were very guilty of being busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, and then letting the marketing fall off.

And that is something that we have learned and, and [00:16:00] what we like say to everybody now is consistency all of the time. That’s your marketing, it has got to be consistent because when those busy periods are done and you’ve got no bookings in, uh, that’s when

Becca: you know it becomes quite real, doesn’t it? Katie, were you gonna say something

Katie: else?

Oh no, I was just gonna say that obviously we have this transitional, um, industry. You know, our client comes in, we work with them, they go and yes, we might get a, bride may come through the door that’s kind of heard of us, or the bride might recommend us. But you know, we constantly have this churn of clients coming in and we need to be thinking about that next person.

And Roxy just said it, you know, we did it a lot in the bridal shop. We were so busy heads down in the grit of our business with bookings through the door and just not being able to breathe. And then looking at the diary two, three month, four months ahead and thinking, okay, where’s, where are the wages coming in for then?

So, um, yeah, schedule your social media, get into a flow of your marketing, that works for you, whatever that [00:17:00] is. If that’s networking, if that’s meeting venues, if that’s social media, wherever your client is, Pinterest. Um, and just make sure it’s all and, and don’t drop the ball now because you know, what tends to happen is people think, Okay, I’m gonna be busy for

these next three months. So I’m gonna schedule all my social media for the next three months and then they don’t really pick it up again. When it comes to the case of the weddings are off, they think, Great, I can breathe. The kids are back at school now I can have a little bit of me time. And yeah, it doesn’t take much does it for kind of the socials to go quiet for the bookings to kind of, um, thin out and you know, that next client hasn’t heard of you yet.

So those people that are getting engaged over the next few. We need you for an incentive so that people pay attention.

Becca: Absolutely. One thing I often say to my clients is Coca-Cola never stop advertising, like literally the whole world. We all know what Coca-Cola is. We’ve all drunk it or seen it in the shop, yet they’re still marketing.

So [00:18:00] we as little wedding businesses who most of the world don’t know who we are, need to keep on marketing. Now, I spoke at the beginning of the episode about your event Wedcon, which is coming up quite soon. I’m very excited about it now. Spoke at the first we con back in 2019. So when you, uh, together came up with this event, what was your vision for it?

What was the heart behind it? Why did you decide to put WedCon

Katie: it’s alright. I was gonna say what what we’ve done is we’ve seen other industries have kind of the conferences and events where people came together and there wasn’t really anything. Kind of business specific for wedding businesses out there.

So you could kind of go to networking events and, you know, meet a plumber or a website designer or a developer or somebody SEO. But as a bridal shop, I wanted to meet venue owners, photographers, videographers, all the people that kind of came before me in the chain that would be able to recommend, you know, my services and my bridal shop too, and, [00:19:00] and similarly the people after me.

Brides were always asking us, , I need a cake, I need a stationer, or whatever it is. And we would be able to recommend some people and there wasn’t really, we weren’t getting anything out of networking events, was standing there for two hours being sold at and it was kind hit and potluck. I was gonna find somebody there that was getting married and um, I wanted to do networking.

I really did, but I just found it wasn’t working for me and I was a single parent. So yeah, we decided, right, okay, we need to put on these events. So we were, we started to put on local networking events and they really hit off quite quickly within sort of four months. We had like 27 areas in the UK for, and we were starting to look abroad.

We’d got, um, businesses in Australia asking as if they could put on similar events in Australia. And then we thought, Right, okay, wouldn’t this be great if we could kind of pull everybody together? For one event where we give you wedding business specific training, so not anything that you’ve gotta go and listen to and then [00:20:00] adapt it to kind of the seasonal client that we’ve got or, um, kind of come and adapt it to kind of the language that brides wanna use or the creativity of the industry that we’re in.

We wanted everything to be specific, tailored to the wedding industry so that people didn’t really have to go and do that, adding up themselves when they got home. So yeah, we actually planned this. In crazy time. I think the idea kind of first came to us in May and we put it on in the November. So it was kind of crazy rapid speed that we were like, Yes, let’s go for it.

Um, we found a venue in kind of like the middle of nowhere, in the East Midlands, that was the middle of nowhere. Um, And yeah, we had a you know, we learned a lot. This is the first time we’d ever put on an event on this kind of scale. And we learnt a lot. I didn’t we Roxy, but, um, the feedback Holy was like really good.

People really enjoyed it. They found great takeaways. You had a queue kind of out the door for people wanting to talk to you, didn’t you? You did. [00:21:00] Didn’t. Yeah. I remember you were thinking Never gonna get home. .

Becca: I did that. True. But it was a great, it was a great day. It was great to see people coming together who hadn’t maybe come to something like that before.

Yeah. Who hadn’t got together on that scale before. And for you, Roxy, did you get feedback after the event? What takeaways did people take away? Did you see people have business results as a result of coming to Wedcon? Yeah, I think kind of

Roxy: before Wedcon, um, the industry had not seen an event like this,

so, um, It was very, very, you know, nice to see

people booking tickets.

People come in and then on the day

and after. Um, lots of

feedback. People loved it. People were, you know, leaving their feeling armed and told ready to go and smash their business motivated. Just, just amazing feedback. And we’ve got so many people that came to 2019 event coming to the 2022 event. Gosh, it seems a long time ago now.

Katie: We’ve had a [00:22:00] big break in between, but we, we are ready. It’s gonna be an incredible day. It’s gonna be amazing. I think what was nice to see as well were these people that had kind of chatted online and a lot Good. Yeah. We’ve got a community of over 10,000 people, so it was a little. Overwhelming for us, wasn’t it Roxy?

Cause everybody knew us. Yes. They were like, and I was like, you know when someone says your name in the supermarket and you’re like, Where do I know you from? We had that feeling a lot on the day where people knew everything about us and we were just like, Hi. So it was, it was overwhelming.

Roxy: It was so nice to put, um, like faces to names.

Becca: So nice. Yeah. It’s amazing to meet people in real life because for me, online community is incredible. It brings people together all around the world. But again, for me, nothing beats seeing people in person, and that’s what I’m excited about for Wedcon this year. Obviously you’ve had a break from Wedcon, not due to yourselves, but due to all of the world events going on.

But you are back this [00:23:00] November. In Birmingham, which is less in the middle of nowhere, which I’m thrilled about because , I find Birmingham and I can stay in Birmingham very easily. So it’s in Birmingham on the 9th of November this year, 2022. I’m gonna be there. Speaking all about blogging, who else have you got?

Speaking? What else can people expect from the day?

Katie: So we have got an amazing line up this year. We’re so proud and we, we actually were inundated with people wanting to speak. So we’ve really had our pick of the bunch, haven’t we? And we’ve been able to think about what our community needs. We’ve asked people what they wanted this year.

And what people wanted to put into their business. So we have got, um, yourself coming back Becca which is so excited about, We’ve got Terry Lewis coming back as well, and this year he’s talking about something that me and Roxy know a lot of and that’s diversifying your income, especially with what everybody has been through in the past two years.

He’s gonna be talking about how he has diversified. Um, income and why? Um, relying on one income alone [00:24:00] probably isn’t the way to go. Mm-hmm. , Um, for a sustainable business, we have got, um, she’s gonna be talking all about writing copy that converts how to brand your business, uh, and looking all about, um, your messaging and how that gets across to your ideal client.

We’ve got Anna Cordelia talking about raising your prices, haven’t we? And charging your work as well and really sharing her motivating journey and how now she manages to run many successful businesses and she does about four weddings a year now. Uh, charging top premium prices, and that is one that we’re really gonna be looking forward to.

Uh, we have got Robin Weight. He’s also gonna be talking about pricing. He’s coming at it with a little bit of a different angle. Um, He’s a really, really good speaker and bless him. He’s having an operation the week before isn’t he Roxy, and he is coming and he’s still coming. He’s still coming. Um, with his boot on.

He is gonna have a boot on his leg. Bless him. Um, but we’re so, so [00:25:00] excited. Yeah. Um, we’ve also got Jackie Hay on our Jackie Hale runs. A successful wedding business and she also coaches as well. And she’s gonna be talking about the 10 steps you need to have a successful wedding business. And she’s gonna really have a focus on marketing on that and what’s the trends coming up for the rest of this year and for next year as well, so that you can get ahead in your business.

We’ve got you coming to talk all things blog in and I’m sure people are gonna be able to pick your brains on marketing as well. And then we also have got business clinics on the day as well. So if people wanna drop in, say hi to us, want us to have a look at over their social media. We’ve got an SEO guy, Simon Hogman there as well.

So if you wanna come and just show whom your website all included in the pricing, you’re not gonna have to pay anything for that. So I would definitely encourage you if you are coming and you’ve got a little niggle, use us. We’re there to be used. Come and talk to us. Come and ask us. Don’t go away and, and regret it and think, Oh God, I wish I’d asked that question.

Um, the speakers will be there [00:26:00] all day to be able to network with them as well. And we have got, uh, networking opportunities, little games thrown in. Becca, I know that you said you were gonna put something together for us, so we’re really looking forward to that. And you know what the best thing we’re looking forward to when you hit the nail on the head there, Becca, when you said about having an event in real life and getting back in the room with like-minded people, there is nothing like it.

And honestly, like we went to an event last week and you just leave buzzed up, buzzed, motivated, wanting to implement things in your business, and we can’t wait for people to kind of get that takeaway this year.

Becca: It sounds incredible. I can’t wait to be there. I know that you’ve got a really great lineup of speakers, and I know that, again, that you’ve learned from the last event and that you’re gonna be back bigger and better.

Oh, yes. Roxy if people are on the fence, if they’re thinking about coming, but they’re not sure, maybe they’re a bit nervous about coming on their own, what would you say to people who are thinking about it? Even if you

Roxy: are very, very nervous, Let me. Throughout my journey from being, from having low [00:27:00] confidence, I would not even say boo to a goose. And that is not an exaggeration, um, to where I am now. Every single time I’ve nudged myself to do something that I wasn’t sure about doing, or I’ve managed to talk myself out of doing. I have not regretted it and I have come out of whatever that is what I was trying to do or gonna be doing. And I’ve come out of it a better person learning more and I’ve never regretted one minute.

So just, so just come along.

Last. Wedcon 2019, there were lots of people that were unsure that came on their own. Everybody is welcome. We can buddy you up with somebody if that’s something that you wanna do. Honestly, like we are all about inclusivity, bringing people together in a, you know, a positive way.

Becca: And we want you to succeed

Roxy: in your business. And not only that, Becca, but at the end of Wedcon 2022, we’re gonna have a little celebration. So we’ll what everyone who’s got tickets invited to come and have a little drink with us. Cheers. You know, cheers to the industry because it’s been a tough [00:28:00] couple of years.

Katie: And we just want an excuse to have a drink. Let’s just like it’s almost Christmas. By the time November comes.

Becca: It’s gonna be great and it’s gonna be a great opportunity for people to get together in a room, think about business. And exactly as Katie and Roxy have said, if you are thinking about coming along to that event, Come with a purpose.

Come expecting to meet new people. Come with an open heart and an open mind to what you’re gonna learn, and also come prepared with questions you’ve got. Katie and Roxy in the room, talk about your social media. You’ve got this SEO expert. Come with your SEO questions. Come find me and talk marketing all day.

I’m more than happy to do that. You are gonna get so much more for your ticket price than just the speaking alone. Definitely. Now, I was having a look at your website. You guys have got two ticket options available for this year’s. Wedcon Katie, do you wanna just explain to me what the differences are between those tickets and roughly how much people would be expecting to pay?

Katie: Okay, so your standard entry ticket and, [00:29:00] um, all tickets are limited. VIP is super, super limited, so I’ll get onto that in a minute. Um, standard ticket is about 59 pound. Um, for that you get access to the whole event. So we wanted to keep this price. We’ve actually kept the price since 2019 when we first put on the event because we’ve had.

Couple of years. So we are set to come out of this just breaking even, aren’t we Roxy and we had a really long discussion about this, but we felt that that was right for the industry at this time. And you know, we’re gonna come with our social media books, so if you wanna thank us by our book at the end of the day.

But for that, you’re gonna get access to all of the speakers. You’re gonna be able to drop into the marketing clinics as. We’re in the center of Birmingham, so there is a break for lunch and you are able to go off and have lunch. You’re gonna get, um, networking opportunities and then we throw in some tea and coffee, don’t we because what’s an event without some tea and coffee?

So tea and coffee is on it as well for the day. Um, for the VIP price. You get everything you get in standard entry, but you also get. Um, [00:30:00] book goody bags that’s filled with some of our favorite business books. And also, um, some of our speakers have written some books and, and they’re gonna be in there as.

You get priority seating, priority queue jump, and you also get your lunch included, and that’s a, um, a lunch with the speakers as well. So you’re able to kind of go into that breakout room with the speakers, kind of continue your development, continue your learning. And uh, VIP price is 90 pounds, isn’t it? Roxy but.

We have got like less than four tickets remaining on vip. So we we’re coming up to kind of the last push for ticket sales now. Um, and yeah, we wanted to keep, well, tickets are limited anyway, but we wanted to keep, we didn’t know what we’d been looking at. Um, November last year was omnicron and everything that was kind of happening, so we made the decision to keep this, um, Smaller than we could have made it couldn’t we Roxy But that’s in order to keep everybody safe so that if we do need to kind of introduce any sort of [00:31:00] socially distancing areas or anything like that, that we can do that.

So, um, yeah, there’s only four VIP tickets available, so if you’re somebody that doesn’t wanna leave and you wanna get your lunch included and you kind of want those extra bits and bobs in the goody bags. The goody bags are decent this year, aren’t they Roxy? We took the, we took the feedback on the goody bags last year and we were like, Right, we wanna make these so good this year.

And, um, yeah, you get that kind of time with the speakers as well, so yeah, they’re, they’re the options. Um, and like, like we said, if you wanna get a ticket, now’s the time to go and get one.

Becca: I think it’s incredibly good value for what people get. I think for that level of industry event, it’s really good value and I think, to be honest, if you’re listening to this and you’re on the fence, pay the money because I guarantee you’ll get more than 59 pounds worth of value from.

One of the speakers, let alone all of the speakers together, plus Katie and Roxy and their business clinics as well. All of the links for the tickets are in the show notes below this [00:32:00] episode. So do go and grab your ticket for Wed con this year. I would love to see you in Birmingham this November. Let’s catch up over a cup of tea and talk all things marketing.

So go to the show notes now and grab your ticket. And if you’ve got any questions about the event, either reach out to me or I’m sure you can reach out to Katie and Roxy. Where’s the best place for people to find? Uh,

Katie: you can come and find us on Instagram, so Wedding Business Hub over on Instagram. You can kind of join our Facebook group, the Wedding Business Hub.

You can drop as an email, whatever it is you can reach us can’t you Roxy We’re all over all of the socials. Um, but yeah, if you’ve got a question, absolutely get in touch. We’d be more than happy to kind of point you in the right direction or buddy. What was somebody like Roxy said? Um, yeah, we’re so excited we can’t wait.

Roxy: I can’t tell you how excited. We are honestly, as the days draw closer, we’re like, and we are kind of ordering light and finalizing things for the day. Oh my gosh, it’s so exciting.

Becca: It’s been a long time coming and I know it’s going to be an absolutely incredible day. Now, before I let you two go, I always end [00:33:00] my podcast with the same question, so I’m gonna come to you first, Roxy, and then you Katie.

And the question is, what is the one thing in business that you wish you had known sooner? Roxy?

Roxy: Uh, and this is something that I always say to people, Um, you can watch netflix and be successful, . There is no need to have this business hustle. The burnout. You’ve gotta find that balance. So yeah, you can watch Netflix and be successful.

Love that because I watch a lot of Netflix, so I’m pleased that you freed me up from that guilt. And Katie, how about. Um, for

Katie: me, I think I’m, I was very much, uh, very tight on where I spent my money when I was first in business. Very much wanted to kind of graft and find everything out myself the hard way and kind of get on Google and find all the answers for myself.

But sometimes, and actually more so this year. When we have invested in ourselves, whether that has been a [00:34:00] book, whether that has been working with a coach, whether that has been going to an event, and we went to an event last week that cost hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pounds, we find that we action the stuff quicker, we get bigger results in our business, and we make more money and, uh, more profitable.

So, um, I wish really I had, you know, dove in two feet forward and kind of invested a little bit quicker my business and, and realized that it was okay to outsource things. I didn’t need to do everything myself. And, um, yeah, I could have learned and got, got the things done quicker by just kind of investing and, and asking for some help.

Becca: Yes, so true. Ladies, thank you for your time. I’m glad we got the technology to work and we could be together and I’ll see you both in Birmingham in November. Thanks, Becca. Thank you. Thank you. If you think Wedcon sounds like the kind of event you want to be going to to help you grow your wedding business, then I would absolutely love to see you there.

In November, I’m gonna be there [00:35:00] as a guest speaker speaking all about blogging and why Blogging’s a great strategy for your business and how to do it successfully. I’m also gonna be around all day, so you can come and chat to me about your marketing questions and just hang out. So if you wanna get a ticket to that event and come and see me speak, you can find the.

In the show notes. I’ll see you next time.

Becca xo


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