Pricing, Retreats and PJ parties, interview with Kelly Mortimer.

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Today I’m talking with my friend and fellow wedding industry expert Kelly Mortimer! We discuss how the wedding industry is looking right now, including how we should respond to the cost of living crisis. We also talk about our upcoming Wedding Business Retreat and our desire to see the wedding industry growing.

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Kelly: [00:00:00] The client that pays 50 pounds, like literally wants to know every single detail of what they’re getting for 50 pounds. And if it’s, you know, your time, they literally want up to the last second of your time for that 50 pounds, then you have a client paying you 5,000 pounds and they’re like, oh, sure.

Yeah, just. Just throw it at me. Let me know how I buy

Becca: I’m Becca Pountney wedding, business, marketing, expert, speaker, and blogger. And you are listening to the wedding pros who are ready to grow podcast. I’m here to share with you actionable tips, strategies, and real life examples to help you take your wedding business to the next level.

If you are an ambitious wedding business owner that wants to take your passion and use it to build a profitable, sustainable business, doing what you love, then you’re in the right. Let’s get going with today’s episode today, I’m joined by my friend and wedding industry powerhouse, Kelly Mortimer, you’ll often find Kelly, speaking at events, running sales training for venues and suppliers or jetting off somewhere.

Exotic. Kelly is [00:01:00] also the co-founder of our wedding business retreat here in the UK. Kelly has a no nonsense approach to her training, which I love because just like me, she’s all about getting you to take action and get results. Kelly, welcome to the podcast.

Kelly: Yay. Hello? Hello. Thank you for inviting me on. I’m

Becca: so excited to be here.

It’s such a pleasure to have you. I don’t know why I haven’t had you on here sooner, so I’m glad we finally got round to sorting it out. And I’ve got you here today. Now I know that your time is short, so I wanna make the most of our time together. So I wanna start by just asking you some questions about how you are seeing the industry in general right now.

Like, just like me, you’re on the ground. You’re talking to suppliers across the country. You’re talking to venues. What do you think right now in September, 2022, the industry is feeling like looking like what are you seeing.

Kelly: Okay. So I’m definitely seeing a lot of people who have had an epic wedding season.

You know, there was that, uh, fall over from COVID. We’ve had all the postponements now and actually this wedding season was a [00:02:00] bumper year. But of course, what that means is that a lot of our venues and suppliers are really frazzled. They are tired. They have given everything, you know, what our people are like, they go the extra mile, they give everything they’ve got.

And now as we just start to come to the end, of course, we still have weddings in September and a few in October, but as we start to slightly wind down and just take it down a notch, people are tired and they’re wondering, have they got the right plan? Like, are they doing the right thing? Or, you know, I, I am seeing a few people who are actually falling out of love with their business.

They they’re saying, I don’t want it to look like this. I want it to look like something different. But the actual industry. I see it’s booming.

Becca: Yeah, that’s so true. And I don’t know about what you are seeing, but I’m definitely finding people are panicking. I think because the wedding’s just rolled in this year right, everyone’s had this huge year, they’ve had overflow from COVID.

They’ve had just this boom and they’ve been so busy. They’ve kind of taken the foot off the gas on some of the marketing they’re starting to. Panic about next year. And also on top of that [00:03:00] with the news, as it is talking about energy bills and cost of living crisis, I just feel like there’s this kind of like suddenly this lack mentality when they’re talking about 20, 23, I dunno if you had any thoughts on that, are you seeing the same thing?

If you have got any tips, if people are feeling like that?

Kelly: Yes you are. So right. I have seen this and I think realistically, because people have. Basically stopped marketing. So they might be listed somewhere, but they’re not really putting themselves out there. They’re not really showing up on social.

They’re not really selling properly because as you said, weddings have rolled in. So now it’s like we took all of this year almost for granted, and now we’re looking at next year and going, oh, wow. Okay. The boom has happened and now I’m not marketing. And now next year isn’t looking quite as exciting, but actually those, uh, clients that I work with that have continued to market and sell properly are still super, super busy for next year.

So I don’t believe there is, um, a shortage of business. [00:04:00] I think it’s the lack of marketing through the busy season. That’s created that in some of our venues and suppliers, and the reality is, look, I. I’ll be honest. I’ve had to start turning off the news. I love news. I love to know what’s going on in the world, but me personally, I have had to start turning it off because there’s, you know, uh, I am a royalist just FYI, but there’s so much about the funeral, about the Queen’s death.

There’s so much about the cost of living crisis, that it drags you down. And then how are you gonna go out there and sell to your couples? And how are you gonna go out there on social media? If you feel this kind of negative dragging down and it’s not to say we ignore the reality. But there are, you know, there are other things that we could

Becca: be looking.

Yeah, I totally agree with that. I think the other thing I’m hearing people say is, you know, no one’s got any money, so no one’s gonna wanna buy me. So I should put my prices down. And I know for a fact, because I saw a great social post that you did the other day about this subject. That, that definitely isn’t what you’re saying is definitely not what I’m saying either.

So what advice are you giving to people around pricing and confidence in [00:05:00] their pricing? Yes.

Kelly: Well, you know, pricing’s like one of my hot buttons, right? It’s, it’s one of my top subjects to talk about. Obviously my whole background is the luxury market, big million pound weddings. Like this is my whole background and the reality is we don’t wanna say it.

And it almost feels cras, it almost feels insensitive to say it, but let’s get real for a minute. Okay. The people with the lowest budgets are the ones who are going to be most affected by a cost of living crisis. Okay. And when we just look at this without, um, our emotions getting involved, what we see is the middle and upper markets will still continue to host weddings to still have big lavish events.

They will still go ahead. They will not be as affected by a cost of living crisis. And so by dropping our rates, we put ourselves in the lowest. Budget bracket with the people most affected who have the least money. Instead of looking at how we can actually attract higher spend couples. And by the way, everybody’s version [00:06:00] of higher spend is completely different.

You know, I might be talking about million pound weddings. Somebody else might say, well, a high budget wedding for me is 10 grand. Like everybody’s is different. Whatever yours is. We should be looking at attracting that higher spend couple who are less affected and who can still afford to host a great wedding and have the, the right venue, the catering, the flowers, the styling, whatever it is that they want.

Becca: now Kelly, me and you first met in person at a women’s business retreat. Now we’d met online before that we’d talked to each other online. We’d spoken in each other’s groups, but we both happened to book on to this same business retreat and go away together. Uh, I think it was in 2020. What was it about that, that retreat that made you think I need to go on.


Kelly: I had never been on a retreat before. It wasn’t the kind of thing that I, uh, really was attracted to. Normally it was quite a random like reason why, um, I am a huge fan of investing in myself. I’m a huge fan of learning. I’ve always got, um, [00:07:00] Audiobooks and courses, you know, I’m always learning. I think everybody, you know, if we don’t stop learning until the day we die, it should just be an ongoing process.

Um, and this retreat came up and I thought, wow. Being able to just go for a few days and hang out with other people who are also working on their themselves and their business and do it in a really enjoyable, beautiful environment and not feel guilty about saying to my husband, look, I’m gonna go away for a few days and you know, you need to take care of our son and really go and be able to focus for a few days without kind of clients on top of you and without your family on top of you.

And, um, I was just massively attracted to this whole. Three days away from it all, but working on my business and, and you were there and

Becca: we met in person, I was there. And your reason for going is a lot more wholesome than mine, because I feel like I booked to go because I just wanted some time away from my kids to think about myself and my own business for a few days.

But luckily they’re too young [00:08:00] to listen to the podcast. Now, when you look back on that few days away, What did you enjoy about it? Like, as you look back now, what about those few days is memorable for you? What was your experience of actually being there?

Kelly: Well, I mean, obviously meeting you was my highlight.

Thanks. Thanks. um, so what did I really enjoy? I really enjoyed. Being surrounded by other people who were on my wavelength. So none, none of them were in the wedding industry. Right. Like me and you. We were, we, we were the wedding people, but everyone else does other thing. They were, I don’t know like Facebook ads, managers and all sorts of other things.

Right. But being surrounded by people who, who run their own business and who understand the pressure, um, the, the, the things we have to deal with because often our family and our friends, they don’t really get it. Right. We can’t really talk that much about business. And I love talking about, I could just talk, I do talk about business day in, day out, and so really to be surrounded in that really small tight-knit community for a few days, with everybody on the same [00:09:00] wavelength that I really.

I really enjoyed.

Becca: Absolutely. And I enjoyed that too. Actually. I really enjoyed some of the sessions, but it was that in between parts where you had time, time, which is such a precious resource to us. Mm. To actually just sit over a dinner over a glass of wine, over a coffee and just talk to people.

And like you said, kind of geek out, like, what do you think about the latest Instagram algorithm or whatever it was conversations that I can imagine if I talk to my husband over dinner. His eyes would just glaze over, but everyone there was interested to talk about the same things. Um, now you said that you always like to train, you wanna keep learning until the day you die, you invest in yourself and your business.

And a retreat is a fairly significant investment. It’s not, I mean, it’s not 10 thousands of thousands of pounds investment, but for many people it’s a big chunk of money. Why is it that you think is important to invest in. , you know

Kelly: what, it’s really interesting, isn’t it? I think as we grow in our businesses and it, and in our personal lives, our [00:10:00] mentality on this really changes.

And I mean, I can only speak from my personal experience. My mentality on this has, has changed beyond recognition. So I remember the first course I ever bought. Um, was 200 pounds and I remember really sweating over that 200 pounds, like, wow, should I pay it? Am I gonna learn anything? Um, and it was to do with online ads, right.

And I, and I bought this course and you know, it really, it really felt heavy for me to pay that 200 pounds. And you know, where I am now in my business, I’m gonna share something which not a lot of people know, you know, I pay a mentor, 1500 pounds, a. To work for a entire year. And that to me now is a great investment because I know that that pushes me up and up and up in my business and what I’m doing.

And I’m learning from someone who is way streets ahead of me in their particular field, nothing to do with weddings whatsoever, but in their particular field. And so that, that investment for me is important. And. [00:11:00] And it holds me up to that higher level. Does that make sense?

Becca: Yeah, that makes absolute sense.

And you are right because I remember investing in something when I first started out and it was about 50 pounds and thinking, oh, I don’t wanna spend 50 pounds on that. And now if someone said to me, do you wanna buy this course for 50 pounds? I’d be like, uh, is it any good. Like , is it worth it? Exactly.

Because in my head, I, it, maybe it isn’t because it’s so cheap. So yeah, I definitely think that’s true. And, and as we grow and evolve and also as we see the impact that that has on our business, I think that’s the other thing is when you see that you turn that 50 pounds and then what you action and learn from that can turn into hundreds or thousands of pounds.

You start to realize, oh, if I stay at this level then, and keep investing at this level, I’m not gonna learn anymore. So if I wanna understand how the next people do it, I need to keep investing up.

Kelly: A Hundred percent. And that’s exactly the process I’ve gone through, you know, so I didn’t jump from 200 pound, one off to 1500 a month with one step, you know, that happened gradually over a few years of investing more and more, and you get to a level, like you [00:12:00] said, you plateau.

And you’re like, okay, well I need to now understand the mentality of that next step up. And so it’s an interesting one, isn’t it? Because I think everybody has a different level of what they are used to investing and what they expect, uh, back from that. So I, I saw something really funny on social media the other day, and it was.

The 50 and our wedding pros will totally resonate with this. The client that pays 50 pounds, like literally wants to know every single detail of what they’re getting for 50 pounds. And if it’s, you know, your time, they literally want up to the last second of your time for that 50 pounds, then you have a client paying you 5,000 pounds and they’re like, oh, sure.

Yeah, just. Just throw it at me, let me know how I buy. And it just shows that mentality of people who, and again, those higher spend couples have a similar mentality. Like just give me the final result rather than every single nitty gritty, you know, how many tea lights are you gonna provide? You know what I mean?

Yeah. It’s, , it’s a different, it’s a different mindset. Isn’t it, of those people who are moving their businesses

Becca: forward. So we both [00:13:00] invested in that initial retreat. I, for one don’t regret it. I think I had a great time. I enjoyed the fact that we met each other and even while we were there on the retreat, we could see our wheels and our cogs turning and thinking like, imagine if everyone in this room was also from the wedding industry, like, imagine if we could recreate this kind of environment for our people, for the people we love for the people whose businesses, we both in our businesses are invested in and wanna see grow. And what if we could create this magical kind of learning space and environment for them and off the back of that, that’s where our initial vision came from.

And we decided to work together to collaborate and to launch the wedding business retreat here in the UK. When you first set out. Journey. What was your kind of initial vision of how that would look and.

Kelly: Honestly, I was just so excited to bring together a small group. It was always gonna be a small group.

I didn’t want this to be, you know, I sometimes train hundreds of people when we work with the big [00:14:00] companies like Marion Hilton, but I saw this as being a small intimate group who hang out for three days. Get space, get time, get strategy. And what’s really interesting is, you know, yeah, I can, I can plan to deliver a particular training point on a particular subject, but it’s often in the, it’s often in the smaller conversations, the, the deeper dives, when you speak to people, that’s where the kind of magic transformation happens because you are, you are really helping that one person to take that exact step they need.

And, you know, I mean, I’m booked out now until December, right? You can’t, you can’t have a one on one day with me now until December. So being able to hang out with someone for three days, I just thought, wow, we can help so much. We can move people forward so much. What I didn’t realize when we started to have this vision.

Was all of the bonus stuff that was gonna come for our attendees, like [00:15:00] that has come as a complete surprise to me, the confidence. They said that they felt like all of this other stuff that they fed back to us after I was just in shock, I was like, wow, I didn’t realize that was gonna be a bonus element of this.


Becca: Yeah. That’s so, yeah, that is so true. And I think for me, it was that element of being able to give our time. So preciously as well. I don’t know about you, but I can give a training day, a workshop. I can run a networking event and I feel like everyone has 30 seconds of my time. Everyone wants to come and talk to me and I’m giving quick snippets of information here, and then I’m having to go and talk to someone else.

And then, and I feel like I don’t give my time properly to anyone other than when I’m talking. Giving my presentation and what I could see from that retreat. Yeah, there’ll be times when I’m giving a presentation, but then there’ll be evenings, whole evenings, where I can sit next to people at dinner and be present and give them my time and not be waiting to go and talk to the next person and not have a line of people around waiting to ask a question and actually give time.

And [00:16:00] that was for me, my vision that people can come away, have time away from life, have time with each other, learn and then implement and ask those questions in the gaps.

Kelly: Oh, so true. And you, you said the magic word implementation, right? And we had people didn’t we on the retreat who were, who were implementing during sessions.

So rather than just loading people up with knowledge and then sending them back into busy, busy world, they were doing the stuff during the time that they had. And then we were able to then. Review with them and tweak again and keep pushing them forward. And, you know, they were, they were able to actually implement rather than just knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.

And for me, that was, that was

Becca: magical. Yeah. It’s gold dust. And for me as well now I reflect back. So obviously we are looking forward to our next retreat as I look back it’s the a year, basically since our last retreat. And I’ve been reflecting back on what I enjoyed about it, what my reflections are from it.

And some of my favorite moments when I look back and think about those few days was seeing people sitting [00:17:00] on a floor with their flip chart paper, with other people around writing down their customer journey, writing down their sales packages, actually, people saying I’m gonna change my prices and I’m gonna do it now while I’m here.

So I’m accountable to everyone and everyone kind of being behind them and cheering in that comradery of people, you know, telling people yeah, get on and do it. This isn’t a, let’s just talk about this theoretically, and then all go home. This is a, we wanna do this. Let’s make this happen. Well, we’ve got the time.

Well, we’ve got the support in the room. What are your reflections on last year? That

Kelly: definitely. I definitely in my mind, see people sitting around with their flip charts and taking action and, and that, I just love, I love that, like getting into it right. Rather than it just being a knowledge based, uh, item.

Um, I’m gonna go off, off piste here a little bit. Uh, my, uh, amusing memory is, uh, I think it. Day two, waking up and finding out that basically all the attendees had a secret party until 2:00 AM, which I was not [00:18:00] aware of. and I’d gone to bed at like 10 30, cuz I’m quite an early, early to bed, early riser kind of person.

And I got up in the morning and I’m all like fresh and I’ve been asleep and everyone was like, yeah, we ordered delivery, takeaway food. And we were all drinking wine until 2:00 AM. And I was like, how did this happen? And I was just asleep having no clue. And then I came to you and I was like, did you know that everybody was up?

And you went, well, I may have snuck back downstairs in my PJs. . And, and, and I completely missed the whole, like 2:00 AM over pizza. Um, and I think, yeah, you were there in your PJs, right? Yeah. Just

Becca: for a few minutes. I just remember being in bed and getting all these messages from people like Becca come downstairs, Becca, we’re doing this come downstairs.

And I was like, what is going on? All right, I’ll go downstairs. And then finding everyone there in a party. And there’s me in my PJ’s like, Hey, and I only stayed for about five minutes, but it was fun. And I think actually that alludes to something else that came out of that retreat for [00:19:00] people, was that they’d been so busy, they’d been so kind of alone and isolated in their worlds, in their businesses.

And we saw over those three days, people let go, let loose, have fun, relax, find the joy in their business. Find the joy in themselves, let out some of that kind of pent up emotion that they’d been holding and kind of fall in love with their business in the industry. Again, didn’t we.

Kelly: Definitely. I mean, we had tears and we had laughter and we had learning, like it was the full 360 spectrum that’s for sure.

Um, but yeah, a lot of people maintained those friendships, those connections that they built. Um, and it was, yeah, it was in the, it was in the other moments as well as the training, you know, it was, it was in the, in the coffees and the wines and the dinners, uh, that they built those really strong connections and yeah, just got the, the love back and the, and the, and the mojo.


Becca: Yeah, definitely. And that, as I look forward is the kind of thing that I’m excited to see [00:20:00] again. Now, obviously we’ve talked about a lot of the fun and the time, but there was some training as well. We did do some serious business training. Didn’t we Kelly we didn’t just have fun. What do you remember when we look again?

When we look back on last year about the actual transformations business transformations, we saw people learn through the sessions. They were attending the moments where they had those light bulb moments, where they realized, oh, I get that now. And I wanna implement.

Kelly: Yeah, it was really interesting. And, you know, there were some of my, uh, my next levelers, my members who had heard some of the concepts before, like it wasn’t a completely new concept, but they, they heard it in a different way and they were able to apply it when we were there supporting them in the room.

They were able to take that action. And again, being able to sit with people and, and show how. What that meant for their business, for them, rather than just an abstract concept of how to do it. Ah, this is how it works for me and my business. And that was really great to see people like, you know, it’s [00:21:00] sinking in that this is actually how they move forward.

And we definitely saw a lot of people completely. Uh, like rearrange their customer journey, rearrange their pricing points and put their prices up, um, looking at how, you know, to really attract more quality couples, how to increase those rates and how to do it strategically, because it’s all very well saying, oh, well just put your rates up.

But that doesn’t work. It has to be strategic and it has to be done the right way. And so there was a lot of really amazing things that

Becca: came out of. Yeah, and we are continuing to see the results from that. People are still contacting us. We’re still seeing people in and around our memberships in and around the internet, implementing the things that we taught and we showed on that retreat.

And that I don’t know about you, Kelly, that brings me so much joy. I don’t know about you. I’m always like a proud mom. When I see someone doing something and I’m like, yay.

Kelly: Hundred percent, a hundred percent. And I think one of the other things was, you know, obviously we gave everybody the mini, uh, branding shoe and, you know, there was a good [00:22:00] handful of people who didn’t want it.

Right. there was a handful of people who said, no, no, it’s all fine. Thanks. Like I I’m coming on their retreat, but I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna have a branding shoot. But we convinced everybody to get involved and, you know, the amazing Victoria, she had such a way with people that, that she was giving counseling sessions practically over these branding shoots, and you know, really getting people comfortable in their own skin.

And again, walking away with something tangible, incredible images for their website, for their social, that really elevate them in terms of the kind of clientele they would attract with those much higher quality, uh, images of, of them and their.

Becca: Yeah. And again, I’m seeing those popping up all over the place.

All of the time being used in PR being used on their social media and you’re right. It’s totally elevated their brand and elevated their positioning just from something so simple as a photo shoot. Now we have our next retreat coming up as this goes out in just a few weeks time, which I am so excited about the more we’ve talked about it today, packed already, as we’ve talked about it, I’m like, oh yes.

I’m so excited. It’s [00:23:00] coming up really soon. Um, we have got a couple of spaces left for that. When you look forward to the retreat coming up in October, up in Hackness Grange, what are you excited about? Like, what are you looking forward to. You know

Kelly: what? One of the things I love is, is the fact that we only use exclusive use venues.

So a bit like when you went downstairs in your pajamas, like it was okay to do that because the hotel was completely ours. And this is something I love because it means that from the minute people walk in the door, they feel at home they’re with other colleagues who are doing the same thing. You’re not bumping into randoms at the bar or at a coffee.

You’re like, oh, If you are here in front of me, you are also on the retreat. And so I really enjoy that. Kind of getting everybody inside that exclusive use venue. It’s a beautiful surrounding. So instantly you feel better because you’re like, wow, this is beautiful. And we’re gonna, you know, pamper and take care of people and give them the love that they give.

Their clients all year long and we kind of shut the door. Don’t we

. It feels like it’s a it’s lock, shut the door and say, right. That’s it it’s a lock in right. For three [00:24:00] days we don’t leave the premises, but we’ve got acres and acres. So people walk and they have time. And like, we are just. We’re just all together with that door shut in our little wedding industry bubble for three days.

And honestly, that just gives me goosebumps. Yeah. And

Becca: for me as well, because we’ve now experienced it once. I’m excited because I know the journey that the people are gonna go on. So I’m excited to see them walk into the room on the first day and kind of. Be a bit nervous because they might not know other people and awkwardly have their first cup of tea and try and make small talk.

And the transition from that to like day three, when they’re all crying and hugging each other and not wanting to leave is just something so magical about that. And that those connections and those relationships, and just, they almost come out of the retreat as a different person, like a, a refreshed person, ready to do business and ready to level their business up.

And that is what I can’t wait for. So true. So

Kelly: true. You’ve you’ve captured that perfectly and it’s, it is so true. They do, they end up. You know, coming [00:25:00] out with that fresh breath, that fresh mojo. Okay. We’re ready to go again. We’ve got fresh ideas, fresh steps, but also feeling rejuvenated. Um, and it does make me remember, I won’t mention the name, but there was one member who was literally, we were like packing up and we were like, you’ve got to leave the building now.

It’s finished she knows who she is if she’s listening and we were like, we really need to close the door. Like we are packing up, we are leaving, but they didn’t wanna go. Did they? They were like, no, don’t make us go back to

Becca: the real world. Yeah. It’s because it felt so safe in that environment. It was like a lovely, everyone had signed that non-disclosure agreement.

We knew it was a really safe space to be and to learn. And I you’re right. No one wanted to leave. The other thing that I’m excited about is although we are quite intentional about the program that we put together and the training. We’re also quite intentional about keeping it quite fluid because we don’t know until we are there, what’s gonna walk through the door.

And so we know that yes, we’ll have set training sessions that we’ll think we’re gonna deliver. But I know from last time as the time went on, as we discovered actually, People need this. They don’t need that. [00:26:00] We, because we purposely, hadn’t kind of said, this is what we’re gonna do this day, this day, this day, we could keep that fluid and give people what they needed at the time.

And I think there’s something really special about that. It’s scary for the people that are coming, because I know some people like to know what they’re doing when, but actually if you can let go of that feeling for us, it means we can serve better.

Kelly: Oh, so true. Absolutely and I remember you and I tweaking things as we went along last time, you know, it’s like.

This is really what these guys are gonna need tomorrow. Let’s add this extra little thing in, and, and if we’d have had a really rigid structure, I think we wouldn’t have been able to do that. And that, and that was great for us to be able to, um, to bend and, and create that structure as, you know, as we could see people needed it.

So, I mean, as you know, we’ve got a great big planning day coming up, the two of us where we’re going to put, you know, put all of these, uh, details into place. So we know what we are training on, but there is that, that space for us as well, to serve people better

Becca: in the moment. And I can’t wait to see [00:27:00] who comes through that door and how we are going to be able to serve them on the day.

I really genuinely cannot wait. Um, obviously we’ve got a couple of spaces left for this year’s retreat. If you’re listening to this in the future, the wait list will be open for our next retreat. If someone’s on the fence thinking. Having listened to this, is this the kind of thing I wanna do in my business or not?

What would you say to them?

Kelly: So I recently interviewed a handful of our attendees from the last retreat. And almost all of them said they felt really unsure when they were hitting the booking button. Like there was not really people going, oh yes, definitely. It was people going, oh, maybe I’m not sure, but I don’t know anyone or I might feel uncomfortable.

Maybe they were all just gonna sit around in their circle and chant, like they , they were worried about what they were coming to, but they took that little risk. Right. They took that little step of faith. And they said, okay, like, let’s give this a try. And one woman who came with us, she’s actually coming again this year.

She said that she thought if she got there and it was horrendous, she would just go to the spa for three days. so she had a plan B, right? She had like a [00:28:00] backup plan, but obviously she had the best time. And she’s booked again to come this time. So it just shows that most people will feel, Ugh. I’m not sure if this is for me, but taking that leap of faith, every single person, every hundred percent of the people who came on our last one.

Said it was absolutely epic. They would recommend it. They would do it again. So the proof is in the pudding, right? The proof is in how the people feel at the end of the retreat. So if you’re thinking about it and you’re not sure, I’d say, just take that one little step of faith, give yourself the chance.

Becca: Yeah. And who wouldn’t wanna come and hang out with us for three days, because we are a lot fun. We’re just so much fun and you can sit next to us at dinner. You might even get to see me in my pajamas. If it’s your lucky day or maybe this time it’s Kelly’s.

Kelly: No, no, no one gets to see my PJs.

Becca: at this time though, Kelly, I am gonna get the best bedroom, right?

Oh yeah.

Kelly: That is true. I did guarantee you get the top bedroom because I had it last time. Thanks.

Becca: [00:29:00] okay. So as we finish the podcast, I always end my interviews with the same question, which is what is the one thing you wish you’d known sooner in your.

Kelly: Oh, what’s the one thing I wish I’d have known sooner in my business.

Um, how valuable and email list is, and wedding pros always think this is not for them. They think this is not for the wedding industry. They’re like, oh, I get in other industries how that makes sense. But actually, um, understanding how to build your own audience. Everybody’s obsessed with building an audience online on social media.

And I’m a big fan of that. , you know, you are too. But actually building an audience inside your email list is, uh, also a vital part of the marketing process, which I wish I had, uh, have understood slightly sooner than

Becca: I. Oh, Kelly Mortimer what a pleasure. Absolutely love chatting to Kelly. We always feel like we’re on such a similar wavelength.

If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve talked about today. And if you can [00:30:00] imagine being away for three days with myself and with Kelly in that room with other wedding business owners, just really focusing on your business and planning for next year and beyond then do get in touch with me. We have very few. Last minute places, just a couple of rooms remaining at this year’s wedding business retreat, which is in October in Hackness Grange hotel, up in Scarborough.

And if that is not suitable for you, then do join the waiting list. For more details of future retreats, you can find all the information in the show notes or at I’ll see you next time.

Becca xo


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