How to grow your wedding business on Instagram – with Sue B. Zimmerman

Show notes:

Are you ready to understand how to grow your wedding business with Instagram? Today I am joined by THE Instagram expert herself, Sue B Zimmerman.

In today’s episodes we discuss the different ‘Instagram neighbourhoods’, we review some of my members Instagram accounts (eeek) and Sue drops SO many great Instagram tips and tricks and throws in a few free resources too!

Whatever area of the wedding industry you are in – Instagram is definitely a marketing tool you need to be using!

Click to find Sue on Instagram ‘The Instagram Expert’

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

  1. How to create a boss bio
  2. Instagram neighbourhoods cheat sheet
  3. Link tree video

Here are the links to the accounts Sue reviewed in today’s episodes:

J Lawrence Photography (wedding photographer)

Pink Peony Wedding (wedding stationer and stylist)

JN Sounds (wedding DJ)


Becca: I’m sure all my volunteers are now thinking, thanks so much Becca for putting my account in front of Sue and letting her absolutely destroy it. But it’s so helpful for them to get that feedback.

Sue: Yeah. And I wanna say to everybody, I only speak the truth and it comes with a big heart, not a big ego.

Becca: That’s exactly why I’ve got Sue on this podcast, because I like that she says it, how it is because you guys know that.

I like to say how it is to you all of the time. And I’ll tell you if I don’t think something’s working. I’m Becca Pountney, wedding business, marketing expert, speaker, and blogger and you are listening to the wedding pros who are ready to grow podcast. I’m here to share with you actionable tips, strategies, and real life examples to help you take your wedding business to the next level.

If you are an ambitious wedding business owner that wants to take your passion and use it to build a profitable, sustainable business, doing what you love, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get going with today’s episode. When I first met today’s guest, she was speaking in a mastermind group that I’m part of, as soon as she [00:01:00] started speaking, I knew I was gonna absolutely love her.

She’s full of fun, says it as is. And most importantly, she really knows her stuff. It’s the Instagram expert herself Sue B Zimmerman welcome to the podcast. Oh,

Sue: I love full of fun. That’s exactly who I am. So let’s let you know. Let’s get into that.

Becca: I got that straight away, as soon as I came across you. So for anyone who doesn’t know who you are, why don’t you just briefly explain who you are, where you are and what you do.

Sue: So for the past 10 years, a little over 10 years, I’ve been teaching Instagram marketing, mostly to small business owners. solopreneurs and niche markets who really wanna make an impact and leave a legacy, doing what they love. And I’ve had the honour of speaking on stages all over the world and being interviewed on countless podcast.

And showing up on Instagram as the Instagram expert on the daily on lives, in my stories in my feet, so that you all can [00:02:00] really understand how to make more income doing what you love. And I am tuning in right now from downtown Boston. I live in a Highrise here, but I also have a house on beautiful Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

And, uh, often you can find me traveling around the world. I have a business that I can just work from anywhere. All I need is a charge phone, and two good battery packs. And I’m good to go.

Becca: ideal. And I love Boston. I’ve been to Boston a couple of times. And when I watch your Instagram and I see you doing your videos around and about Boston, I think I really need to come back there ASAP.

Now, before we get into the chat. And before we start talking about Instagram, which is what everyone’s here for today. One thing I speak about myself a lot is the power of connections. And I know the first thing people are gonna ask me is how did you get Sue B on your podcast? And as I mentioned at the beginning a little bit, we actually connected via a good friend and business mentor of mine, Chris Ducker in his mastermind.

So I just wanted to talk about that very [00:03:00] briefly. How do you know Chris and how did you come into his world?

Sue: Oh, yeah. So Chris and I go way back at least five years. He and I have spoken on many stages together and I have also traveled to his conferences. I spoke on stage, I think four years ago in Sabu when he lived in the Philippines.

And then I went back to speak again when he did his event Youpreneur in the UK. And, uh, we’re very. And I adore him because he really is true to himself and he, it is just so fun to be with so smart. And, uh, yeah, we, we have a lot in common and, and we’ve gone out as couples as

Becca: well. Amazing. I love Chris.

I think he says it as it is a little bit like you do as well. And I think that connection is just so important because as I said to my wedding pros all the time, you’ve gotta get out there. You’ve gotta make connections. Now. Obviously you connected with Chris. That’s how I’ve become connected with you.

And, uh, I just wondered if you’ve seen the power connections in your business. [00:04:00] Oh,

Sue: every day. And I am that entrepreneur, that what you see online is exactly the person. See and get in person. And no matter where I travel in the world, I always do what I call a Sue B meetup. So, uh, whether I’m living in La Hoya or I’m in.

You know, Iceland or Budapest or, uh, you name it. I’m Israel. I, I do meetups and there are members of my community wherever I travel. So I announce that in my stories and in my community, and always there’s someone that wants to get together so that in person. Person connection is vital and not only within your community, but I am that person that no matter where I go, I always talk to strangers and you never, never know who that stranger is, what they do and how they can impact their business, or more importantly, who they know that might be interested in your business.

So definitely an extrovert over here and very comfortable. In the skin I’m in and talking to [00:05:00] people because you know, no one’s gonna fire me. I’m my own boss. So

Becca: there’s that. Well, yeah, that’s always a good thing. So hopefully you’re coming back to UK sometime soon and maybe we can go to a Sue B meet up in London.

Yeah. That would be awesome. I’d love to do that. Okay. So let’s get into Instagram then now in the wedding industry, Instagram is huge. We know that couples are on there. We know they’re planning their wedding day on there, but sometimes as supplies and wedding pros, we can get a little bit lost about what we should be doing on Instagram.

Now, I know one of the things that you teach. Is all about Instagram neighborhoods. And I absolutely love this concept when I first heard you speak about it. So I’d love you to just share what the concept is and how it works.

Sue: Sure. So I’ve coined the phrase Sue B neighborhoods because Instagram is now a village.

And when I started teaching it almost 10, a little over 10 years ago, there was just one neighborhood and that was just the feed. And it was primarily just a photo sharing app. And now there’s a lot of different places to create content. So I call that neighborhood. [00:06:00] There’s stories, reels lives and the feed.

And so it’s really important to understand the different nuances of each neighborhood and strategies around that for your business, that would not only attract the right people that would be interested in paying attention, but to have conversations and opportunities to connect deeper.

Becca: So do you think to be successful on the platform, you need to understand all of these different neighborhoods, or can you focus on certain ones?

Sue: I think when you’re starting out, it’s important to master the feed and really understand how to curate a, a feed that is in Alliance with your bio, the, the promise that you’re making in your bio. So there’s no confusion if someone were to scroll back 12 or so post every single post is. A representation of who you are, what you do, why you do it.

And more importantly, what’s in it for your follower if they choose to follow and engage with you. And so I think a lot of people make that [00:07:00] mistake and don’t have a curated feed that, that speaks to that promise. And so that is essentially your portfolio. Instagram has SEO. Search engine optimization.

Anyone that doesn’t understand that on my account, we have a guide that literally explains what this is and why it’s important. And, uh, we can share that link so that you all have access to it, but it really is so important to have that curated portfolio, especially in the wedding industry. So people know what makes your account different than someone else that does what you do, where you do it.

What is your point of difference?

Becca: Great. Well, that brings me then onto the Instagram bio, because one of the things that we find a lot in the wedding industry is that people have got loads of beautiful images. So they’ll put up a beautiful picture of their cake or their flowers or their wedding photos.

And so they’re really good at putting images out, but they’re not so good at explaining what it is that makes them different. I think a lot of [00:08:00] that can come down to their Instagram bio. So do you have any tips around how to make a great Instagram bio, how to stand out and how to make sure people know exactly what you.

Sue: Yeah. So we have so many resources, uh, specifically about a bio and what makes it a boss bio, and I can grab links and resources for your audience, but essentially there are eight aspects to a bio. It’s your avatar, your photo. It’s your username. It is your account name where. Additional SEO. It’s what you say in your bio, where you get 150 characters, making sure that it’s targeted to your audience and that you share and show your authority.

How many years you’ve been doing what you do, or, you know, what makes you stand out from everyone else? And then having a strong call to action, a CTA, making sure that whatever URL that you’re sharing is one that would take the interested person. To the right next [00:09:00] place in their customer journey with you.

And so for us, we have a free two hour Reel training that is currently in our bio. And that training is taught by myself and my co-founder and CEO, Morgan, and people really get to understand the way that we teach the way that we show up, the way that we serve. And it is a really robust to our training specifically for those that need to master reels.

So we. Build that trust and everyone should think. How can you build that trust and get someone a to give your, your, their email. Address and B to continue on that journey. And so I think it’s really important to always understand the nuances, like we said about each neighborhood and how you lead the person to the next place that connects them deeper, that, that continues to build that trust so that when they want what you’re selling.

That they will think of [00:10:00] you, that you will be top of mind. And so the bio literally has a lot of different aspects to it. And when we work with our high end coaching clients, this is the very, very first foundational piece that we master together, making sure that every word and every aspect of. The bio is completely optimized and we do have content in our feed.

Like I said, that teaches this and I will share those links for you all. And all I ask is if you tap into any of the links that we’re sharing, just comment and let me know that you heard it from this podcast so that I know your ears are burning and that you’re an action taker. Like. Like attracting action takers.

Becca: Yes. So do I, and I have a full audience of action takers, which is amazing. So I’ll make sure everything that Sue talks about today goes into the show notes so you can find it really easily. I know she’s got absolutely loads of great resources are gonna help you out. Now, one thing I learned from you [00:11:00] Sue in the training that I heard you do before was that emojis are actually searchable in the bio.

Is that right? Yeah.

Sue: So, uh, you know, yes, they are in the SEO. So if if you sell jewelry specifically, wedding rings, then putting the diamond emoji ring in your bio, you would come up if anybody were to search that,

Becca: that’s pretty cool. So make sure you all go and do that. Now. One other thing I discovered recently is that you can now extend the amount of characters you’ve got in your Instagram username as well.

Can’t you? So you can put more than just your

Sue: name. Yeah. It used to be that you only had 33 and now you have 60. So. Yeah. I also have a cheat sheet for, uh, understanding the neighborhoods that we’re talking about. So you guys can, it’s a carousel post. You guys can tap in and swipe and even save it so you can keep it as a resource too.

Becca: So I think you have a resource for everything. I absolutely love it. And I know more audience are gonna love it too. Now it’s very well talking about the practical questions, but what I really want to get [00:12:00] into during this interview is some of the nitty gritty and some reviews of some real life accounts.

So some of my wedding pro members have volunteered bravely they’ve put themselves forward to have your eyes on their Instagram accounts. So we’re gonna do a few of those as we go through the interview today, and I want to do the first one for you now. I just love your feedback. So let’s start with Jesse, J Lawrence Photography.

Lawrence photography. If you jump on his account, take a quick look and see if you can see what he does and whether there’s any instant changes he can make. Yeah. So

Sue: he is got a great user name and he does have, um, a really good SEO, inclusive wedding photographer. He might wanna add a rainbow emoji to that.

Because he’s, he’s in, you know, he’s all about being inclusive. So, um, his avatar photo is very hard to read. I can’t even read it. So can’t see him. Can’t read it that I think should be changed. Um, he’s added the rainbow circle around it, which makes that even stand out more. [00:13:00] Um, and. Stunning wedding photos, even if you hate having your photo taken, um, which is a nice point of difference what’s missing is how long has he been doing this?

Um, again, he has, um, inclusive, which is not necessary because he has it in his SEO. So he is much better off saying something else about him. That what makes him different. Um, he does say that he has a natural style friendly and professional. Which I would expect nothing less if you are a photographer. So I don’t, I think that’s kind of the obvious, um, but not, that’s not awful to say, um, blue light discount, um, is, I don’t know what that is.

Becca: So that’s the thing in the UK. So if you’re basically in the ambulance service police, you get a

Sue: discount. Oh, okay. So if that’s okay. So that’s interesting. I don’t like the word discount, cuz as soon as you let people know that you do a discount for one thing, then other people are gonna ask for that discount.

[00:14:00] Regardless that he’s just isolating that. I think he can have that on his website. It doesn’t necessarily need to be on his bio. So I think that there’s more, that could be there. He’s missing his SEO. And then when I tap into his links, He has, you know, the picture of him, there is the picture that should be in his avatar.

There should be consistency. So it’s a great photo of him on this website. And I recommend that that be what he puts there. And then he takes you to all of his packages and it’s great that he has the whole rainbow vibe going on as soon as you land there. So there’s consistency of him being true to who he says he is.

You know, taking it from Instagram to that. And then when I look at his highlights really quickly, we have testimonials wedding suppliers engagement, and we don’t need the puppy love. Uh, that’s all about his personal life and, you know, people, unless there’s some, something that goes back to him being a photographer.

This is all about him personally. And I’m not interested in looking at. [00:15:00] His dog, if I’m here to, to find out more about what’s in it for me. And I think that that’s important. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t show the personal side of who you are. I think that you absolutely can in your stories, as long as it goes back.

To what you do. So no one needs to look at dogs, licking your face.

Becca: That’s really helpful and I think that shows the point of difference between the different neighborhoods as well. It’s not necessarily needed in the highlights, but it’s okay if the dog shows up in the stories.

Sue: Yeah. And it, and it, and it’s relatable.

I mean, he’s talking about dogs and you know, now I’m confused. So now I don’t know what sky does because, yeah, it’s too much with

Becca: the dog. Okay. I just wanna go back to something you mentioned earlier about the profile photo. People ask me all the time. Should they have their logo or should it be a picture of

Sue: them?

Always as a picture of them because people do business with people, especially if you’re a solopreneur or entrepreneur. Now, if you’re a big brand like Lexus, GoPro, Starbucks, Lulu lemon. [00:16:00] and all the bigger brands. Absolutely. Because they don’t manage their account. But if you are the owner solo entrepreneur, entrepreneur of your account, people wanna connect with you.

They’re hiring you.

Becca: Yeah, I agree. So if you’re an action, take it out there. And right now you have your logo as your Instagram picture, go change it immediately and change it on Facebook, Pinterest and all your other social media accounts as well. Cause it should definitely, be across all of them. It should be you.

Okay. We talked briefly there about Jesse’s highlights and highlights is one thing that I wanted to talk to you about because it’s an area. I definitely neglect myself. And it’s an area that I know I need to work on. And an important area of the neighborhood, according to you.

Sue: Yeah. So highlights are simply resources where people could tap in and get additional information about you.

And so it’s really important to curate them accordingly and you can rearrange the order of the highlights you can have up. A hundred clips in each highlight, and you can have as many highlights as you want. So when you look at our account, you’ll see that we have, uh, at the very front, our clients and our [00:17:00] clients talking about their success from our high end coaching program, which is important for, for people to understand that, you know, we, we have very successful clients that we coach, and then there’s a highlight for myself and for Morgan, so that you understand a little bit more about the story behind the Instagram experts.

And then we have highlights, that again, go back to who we are, what we do, whether it’s a real tip or sharing behind the scenes or Instagram news, breaking news. We’ve got that transitions for women 45 and older cuz that’s our target market. And I do a lot of these transitions. Praise is simply comments, a little different than client success stories, praises, what people are saying about us all over the internet.

Then we have one of our community. So a community hashtag is good. One about Instagram, live tips, story tips, feed tips, and then life as a speaker that goes back to the authority that I was talking about in the bio. So. I want people to know that I am a globally recognized speaker [00:18:00] and I do get paid to speak.

So there’s like a speaker reel there as well. So highlights should always represent your business and showcase resources so people can understand more. And each highlight has its own unique URL. So you can copy that link and share that link. So often when people say, well, I’m, you know, I’m looking for a coach, I wanna understand more about your pro program.

I will send them the link. To that real highlight that has a hundred clips in it and they can see what other people are saying.

Becca: That’s awesome. I didn’t know. You could do that. So at the moment then, do you still have to add something to your story to be able to add it to a highlight? Or can you put it straight into the highlight?

Sue: Yeah. Every highlight starts with a story and that’s why it’s important to have context around your stories and to make sure that your stories are in alignment with. Again, your business and what you do and not random, like we’re not interested in your vacation or what you’re drinking or what you’re eating or, or your workout, unless that has to do with your

Becca: business.

That’s really helpful. And I think that’s definitely a trap we can all [00:19:00] fall into. So highlights are kind of almost like a mini version of your website then aren’t they? Because you’ve got all the different areas that you do, but all in one

Sue: place. Yeah, they like tabs on your website. And if you are gonna share that more personal stuff, you can do it with close friends.

And I am only sharing stories currently to people that opt in and say they wanna be a close friend. So I am being very discerning with who gets to see my stories. So if anyone wants to see my stories, they need to write on my last post. Sue B, I wanna be a close friend and then my team, or I will add you so that you can see all the content that we’re curating.

I’m making people earn it.

Becca: Amazing. That’s such an interesting strategy in itself, possibly a little bit further ahead than some people listening, but interesting all the same. Now the next thing I wanna talk to you a little bit about. Is reels. I know that you do loads of reels and if anyone’s not following Sue right now on Instagram at the Instagram expert, make sure you do, because she’s got some amazing reels on there about transitions, some amazing ones about [00:20:00] Instagram hacks and tips.

So do go and check those out. Now. Reels are something that my audience are still struggling with. They don’t like getting in front of the camera sometimes. Sometimes they’re also worried about them being a little bit cringy, but they also know where they should be, because it’s the way to reach couples. So are there any quick tips on how to be more confident with reels?

Sue: Yeah. So everyone should be tapping the link in our bio because we literally in the workshop tell you what to do and how to do it. Even if you don’t wanna get on camera, there are solutions to that anxiety with that being said, it’s important to think about series. You mentioned a couple that we have, but we actually.

Three. So when you create a series, like Morgan does steal this post idea and we just drop part 21. And when people see that idea, that post idea, and they see that it’s part 21, they’re like, oh, dang. That was so good. I’m gonna go back and see all the other ones. It’s so good. Now they’re spending more time.

On your account. And that is really good for the algorithm because it, it shows that time spent on an account is [00:21:00] important. And so we have that. And as you mentioned, we have transitions for women 45 and older, and we just dropped our 11th. One of that. So if you are 45 and older, and you’re like, I am not lip syncing or dancing, trust me, the transitions that I teach you can do with confidence.

And then finally our best performing content in real. Is Instagram hacks. You wish you knew sooner, and we’ve dropped over 50 of these all amazing that you can find when you tap into our real channel and the hacks are in teal. The transitions are in yellow and the steal this post idea are all purple, all brand colors, all intentional and all creating series in our reels that really get

Becca: reach.

Yeah, so do go and check those out and just having a look at those will give you so much inspiration. And little disclaimer, even if you are not over 45, the transition ideas are great because I’ve been looking at [00:22:00] them too as a 35 year old and thinking, I don’t wanna do lots of dancing either. And there’s some great ideas in there.

Sue’s also got some great tips on there. So do go and check them out. Right. Let’s dive into another little overview of one of my clients. Now this time we’re gonna go to Pink Peony weddings, who’s a wedding stationer and wedding stylist. I know she does a little bit on real. She’s very visual in her work.

Let’s have a quick Roundup of what’s going on on her Instagram.

Sue: Okay. So we got a nice name here, wedding stationery and stylist. I don’t know what kind of stylist she is. So when she says styles, is she a hair stylist or there needs to be some more context with that. Her photo’s lovely. She’s holding up a card.

We can’t see what’s on it. It looks like a business card, but it’s. Stationary. So if she’s gonna hold up something, it needs to be more obvious than just someone trying to guess what it is. It looks like she’s holding up a business card. We don’t need to know that she’s a wife or a mom. That’s not really relevant.

She can show it in her stories, but she’s a professional. So how long has she been doing what she’s doing? She doesn’t [00:23:00] tell us she’s a wedding stylist, so, okay. So wedding stationery. Wedding stationery and stylist, but like, what does that mean to be a wedding stylist? Does she actually do the design work?

The floor? Is she in charge of the florist or the planner of the wedding? So there, there needs to be more information there. You don’t need to put periods in your bio. So she has a period, uh, based in bed for cheer. That’s that location she’s better off putting the UK flag in her. SEO name, field, because that’s in the UK and people will know anyone in the UK working in the UK should put the flag there.

Styling prop higher stationary. I have no idea what that means. Click here. Why? I have no idea why I should click here. So she’s missing the, she’s missing the authority lacking in, um, details and she doesn’t need to put her link tree twice. She put it in the bio and then she put it as a hyperlink. So one of [00:24:00] those needs to be deleted.

And when I tapped in, she has way too many links. One, two, 4 5, 6, 7. And the most you should have is three because people, if there’s too many choices, people aren’t gonna click anything. So less is better.

Becca: How do you feel about link tree? Do you think people should use the link tree or should they have just one link or send people to their website?

Sue: We have a YouTube video, all about link tree, how to use it for anyone looking Sue B Zimmerman link tree, um, on YouTube, we can link my channel. We can find that video and I have we’ve used it strategically. And right now we’re being very discerning with one link and our conversion’s great into our free training.

So it all depends on what your goal is for someone like. Um, I don’t even know what her oh, Kelly, for someone like Kelly, it makes sense to have multiple links because she does a lot, one more thing. I’m looking at her highlights. So pink Pink Peony wedding. So every highlight should be a Peony not a, it looks like she’s an herbalist.

When I look at her highlights, so peonies are beautiful flowers, so let’s see the pink peonies as the highlights. [00:25:00] Great

Becca: idea, Kelly, if you’re listening, go change all your highlight covers into beautiful peonies. Now, one thing that’s come out in all of your reviews so far is that you’re saying people aren’t putting their authority in the Instagram bio.

Why do you think that’s important for them to tell people how long they’ve been doing something?

Sue: Because I wanna hire an expert, someone with experience. I don’t wanna just hire someone that’s just starting out unless you’ve got some great testimonial. Okay.

Becca: Let’s dive in now to some common mistakes.

Then what common mistakes do you find people doing on Instagram? All of the time?

Sue: There’s so many. How many do you wanna hear? Three number one, everything’s so random. Their account is random. You know, they say that they do wedding parties and then there’s a random picture somewhere. So meaning, uh, a major disconnect.

So the minute you disconnect someone from the content. You lose that trust. So if you’re gonna do it, go all in on it, especially in the feed. So, uh, not having a optimized [00:26:00] post, meaning there’s no hook, there’s no description. There’s no call to action. There’s no, what’s in it for them. It’s all about, I did this great event and I had all these people love it.

And it’s all about, I, I, I, no, it’s not about you. It’s about what’s in it for your follower. What’s in it for them. If they hire. um, and we can do a quick little, you know, I’m on the last JN sounds on the last account that we wanna look at, go for it. The first post I’m looking at back at south farm this weekend, and absolutely an amazing night full of hip hop and garage classics, even a sprinkle sprinkling of grime.

So he’s back at south farm. There there’s no, like if you’re looking to book a wedding, this location is phenomenal and here’s why, and when you tag other accounts on your post, it takes people off of your account. And he tag, he tagged 1, 2, 3, 4 people in [00:27:00] the comment. And as soon as I tap into someone else, I’m, I’m off of his account.

And I, now I’m on their. so there’s a way to do that strategically too, which is a whole another conversation for another day. Let’s just, let’s just focus on his bio. So JN sounds we have no idea what your name is, so we need to know your name, wedding party, DJ, and, um, Hertfordshire. And again, I’d put the UK flag, DJ entertainment for real party people.

I don’t know what that means. Uh, for people who like to party for people who like to have fun. I mean, that’s obviously what DJing and entertainment is. So there’s. Kind of stating the obvious. I’m not that stereotypical DJ. Well, what makes you different DJ and Sax it sounds like that DJ and bongos and more so that’s good.

Get your free guide to finding the perfect DJ. So I think 10 tips that you need to ask your DJ is a better guide or something, and then his highlights. He doesn’t need to say what his highlight is on the highlight, and then say it [00:28:00] underneath it’s redundant. So there’s a lot. There’s a lot of cleaning up.

Becca: So they go down lots of feedback for you now. I’m sure all my volunteers are now thinking, thanks so much Becca for putting my account in front of Sue and letting her absolutely destroy it. But it’s so helpful for them to get that feedback. Yeah. And

Sue: I wanna say to everybody, I only speak the truth and it comes with a big heart, not a big ego.

So if any of you are feeling this, hearing this, come on over to Insta and let me know. And if you have any follow up questions, just ask me, um, and I can.

Becca: And that’s exactly why I got Sue on this podcast, because I like that she says it, how it is, because you guys know that. I like to say how it is to you all of the time.

And I’ll tell you if I don’t think something’s working. So I’m glad that Sue’s done that. And hopefully that’s been helpful, even if it wasn’t your account that she was talking about. I guarantee you, there’s some things that she’s mentioned on those three accounts that you’re probably making the same mistake as.

So go back in, see if you’re stating what you should have, see if things make sense. And if you’re not sure, show it to someone who doesn’t know what you do, because they’ll be able to tell you whether or [00:29:00] not it makes sense. Okay. One big thing. And one big problem we have in the wedding industry, Sue is that wedding pros always find that they’re getting followed by other wedding pros instead of couples.

So what should they be doing about. Well, this is

Sue: a reoccurring issue in every industry. People tend to follow people in their industry or get followed by people in their industry and because of that, they are not reaching their ideal clients. So it’s really important to do an audit and be very discerning and unfollow people that aren’t.

the ones that you are getting inspiration from or forming relationships with, and you certainly can get inspo from some of those accounts. If they really maybe are your friends and you wanna support them, but Instagram, because it’s an algorithm and there’s many of them, the more you do that, the more they’re gonna show you that.

So you’re, it’s just harder to build the right audience when you are focused on that solely.

Becca: So helpful. Now I always finish my interview with the same question every single time. And [00:30:00] that question for you, Sue is what is the one thing you wish you’d known sooner in your

Sue: business? Oh goodness. Oh, I wish that I did not pay attention to anybody else that taught Instagram marketing because when I started out 10 years ago, I thought that there was like a right way to do it.

And when I looked at everybody else doing it, I, I did draw way too. Uh, I made too many decisions based on what I was seeing that they were doing and not my own decisions from my own experience, knowledge and wisdom. And the more I leaned into my, myself and my knowledge and just showed up as who I am and wanna be, instead of wondering, like, is there a right way to do this or a wrong way to do this?

Our business just exploded and we’ve been able to build a multiple seven figure business. So that’s, there’s do not. Compare yourself to anyone else except yourself.

Becca: I love that. It’s so true. It’s music to my ears. Be yourself. Be proud of yourself, who you are and just like Sue, go for [00:31:00] it. Don’t feel like you’ve gotta be like the other people in the same industry area.

As you Sue, it’s been an absolute pleasure to have you on the podcast. I’m gonna make sure all of your links are in the show notes. And if people wanna find you or connect with you, is Instagram the best place to.

Sue: Always it’s the best place and all the links will be shared in the show notes. And I, I, I like to give a little call to action at the end.

So to anyone whose ears are listening and burning, come on over to the Instagram expert and let me know on the last post, what your biggest takeaway. Is, and why? So I know that you tuned into this lovely podcast and are an action taker, like I said, at the beginning and, you know, notice how I didn’t say come give me a follow.

You have to earn a follow. You don’t ask for a

Becca: follow, love that. So go over, take action and show Sue why the wedding industry is the place where we take the most action. Sue, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Hopefully you’ll make it to London soon. And maybe we can go for that drink. Oh, my goodness. Me, how [00:32:00] much did you love that?

Absolutely epic interview with Sue B Zimmerman. I was so nervous. I don’t get nervous that much, but she is a massive Instagram guru. So it was an absolute pleasure to chat with her and have her on the podcast. And I hope you found her interview really, really helpful. Do me a favour, go spread some love over on Sue’s account comment on her post and say you heard it on the wedding pros who are ready to grow podcast, I’ll see you next week.

Becca xo


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