The Wedding Pro Planner

Keep your Wedding Business on track with the Wedding Pro Planner

This undated 24 month planner will walk you step by step through your annual, quarterly and monthly goals to enable you to keep on track with your business growth.



How to use your planner

Received your planner and want to start using it? Watch the short video guide below to get the most out of your new planner.


Annual Goal Planner pages

At the front of your planner you will see 3 pages to write down your top 5 goals for the year, the resources you have available, challenges you may face and how to overcome them. 

Give yourself a deadline for each of the five goals and write down why you have chosen that specific goal. 

Don’t forget to make sure your goals are SMART:








Quarterly Planner pages

Ahead of each 3 month planning sections you will find a page to write down your goals for the quarter.

You can split the action steps down across the 3 months to make them more bite-sized, but make sure you set a deadline for each task/step to keep yourself accountable. 

There is space for 6 goals on each quarter planner page, however, these do not all have to be 6 big goals, in fact I would recommend they not be. Your quarterly goals can be priority tasks and small wins as well. 



Monthly Review pages

Your monthly review pages have a few different sections. You will also find a page for your notes following each month goal page. 

Here’s how to fill in these pages:


– Which month are you reviewing?

Where are you on the ladder?

– Are you part of my Wedding Pro Members Lounge? If yes, are you in the Build, Grow or Advance modules? If you’re not, you can join via the button below, or you can write down where you feel you are within your business journey.


– Highlight/colour in which of the faces (smile, frown or indifferent) resonate with you most for the month you’ve had. 

The numbers

– Write down the number of Instagram followers you have, how many email subscribers, website visits and reviews that have been left across socials, Google, and sent to you directly. 

– Once you have your current numbers, set a target for the next month. 

Financial Goals 

– Write down the number of enquiries and sales/conversions you’ve had in the last month and how many you’d like to get next month.

Where did your enquiries come from last month?

– Did you get your enquires through your website? Socials? Directories? Word of mouth referrals? Wedding shows? 

Rate yourself

– Be honest, from 1-5 how would you rate your marketing, sales, personal development and work life balance over the last month?

Target Connections 

– Do you have a certain type of venue or supplier you want to connect with? Are their specific suppliers, venues or publications you want to connect with? Are there networking events you want to attend? Detail that here. 


– Big or small wins, everything counts here. What successes have you had over the last month? 


– There are no mistakes in business, only lessons, so what has the last month taught you?

3 things that need to get done 

– Which 3 things do you have on your to do list/s that need to happen within the next month? 


90 day & Annual check-in pages 

Although these planners are undated, they are structured to follow quarterly and annual reviews, so I have placed check-in pages at these points with the planner. 

Your 90 day check ins are a place to review how you’ve done in comparison to the quarterly goals set, write down the number of enquiries and sales you’ve had, work out the conversion rate and note down how many email subscribers you have. You should also write down your target for the next 90 days. 

The last section is for you to delve deeper into your mentality, we all have limiting beliefs, especially when running our own businesses. This is a place for you to write down 3 limiting beliefs and the truths that overrule them so you can defeat those limited beliefs and conquer even more in your business. 

Your annual check-in gives you space to write down your 5 yearly goals and whether you achieved them or not and why. 

There is also space to write down your wins and learnings on both the 90 day and annual check in pages, these are great to look back on and see how far you have already come as we are often forgetful when it comes to our progress. 



Motivational Quotes

We all know that running a business isn’t easy, that we can often feel like we’re doing it all alone. 

To help with your motivation and determination I included motivational quotes in each version of the planners. If you know me you will know about my love of Disney, Musical Theatre and Spice Girls so it felt right to create a few different versions of the planners to incorporate these loves. 

There is a choice of 3 different colours in the covers, but also different quote types;

– musical theatre quotes & lyrics 

– lyrics from the music industry 

– quotes from authors / books

– popular motivational quotes 



Be consistent

Why not schedule in time each month to fill in your planner? 

For you to sit down with your favourite beverage, get your planner and pen out and spend the time looking deeper into your business, working on your business rather than in it. 

Maybe even go somewhere else to fill in your planner, you could go to a local cafe or restaurant and treat yourself while in your CEO mode. 

However you decide to set the scene, it’s important to be consistent. This planner is best used for 24 consecutive months. Book an appointment in your calendar, set reminders on your phone, whatever you need to do to remind yourself about filling in your planner pages. You will see better progress the more consistent you are. 




Having a planner to set goals and track progress is a great form of accountability, but if you want to take it to the next level why not let me know your goals by tagging me on socials? Or you could join the FREE Facebook group and post your goals, wins and learnings/lessons there for the amazing wedding community to help with your accountability but also be cheerleaders for you, your business and its success. 

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