6 Unique Wedding Business Ideas

You may have always dreamt of running your own wedding business, but you want a way to put your own creative spin on it. As we head towards 2021 and beyond, the creativity of engaged couples is at an all time high and they are often looking for something unique to set their wedding apart from their friends. Today I want to get your creative juices flowing with 6 unique wedding business ideas for you to think about:

Interactive entertainment

Do you have an unusual talent or skill that could entertain wedding guests? Interactive entertainment is a growing trend for weddings in 2021 with some couples opting for multiple choices of activities for their guests. Couples are worried that their guests will become bored, so the more entertainment the better. From live tarot card readings to stand-up comedy sets, and petting zoos, the world is your oyster when it comes to entertainment ideas.

Out there styling

2021 couples want to break the rules and are looking for the next big styling trend. If you have an eye for creativity then why not set off a new wedding trend with oversized props or out-there colour schemes. In the last few years we have seen a growing interest in flower walls and glitter backdrops – what could you do to take it one step further? Whatever your vision you need to bring it to life in a photoshoot and then get it out there for couples to see. Don’t hold back and play it safe – get creative.

Unusual food and drink options

Couples are getting more adventurous when deciding what food and drink options they want on their wedding day. From pizza vans to mobile cocktail bars there are lots of ideas for them to choose from but it’s a growing market! Perhaps you have your own idea for a food or drink based wedding business – what would your dream food be on your own wedding day? From international cuisines to slush puppies and milkshakes or wedding cakes made entirely of chocolate brownies – create something tantalising and get it out there.

Hair and makeup for guests

It’s traditional for the bridal party to be pampered on their wedding day but with a rise in glitter bars at wedding receptions, perhaps it’s time for you to create a full pamper experience for all the guests? Whether it’s a touch up of their makeup, a recurl of their hair or another layer of hair wax for the evening, your pamper station will leave all of the guests feeling refreshed and ready to party.

Add a creative spark to any business idea

You don’t have to think of a brand new wedding business idea, you can take any wedding business and put your own unique spin on it. You can be creative with your photography and video styles, create unusual flower arrangements, or find new ways of doing traditional things. Creativity is everything in the wedding industry – don’t play it safe and follow the crowd, be a trendsetter and watch the couples start to follow after you.

Need help with getting your new business idea off the ground? Check out my full guide to starting a wedding business here.

Becca xo


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